Saturday, June 19, 2010

Evelynn's Birth Story

On Wednesday, June 16th, I went in for my 40 week appointment. I was pretty disappointed to hear that I was still at only 1cm, the same as the past two appointments. I perked up when my OB said he was going to get me to 2cm. The excitement was short-lived, with Dr. H. elbow deep in my vagina (or at least it felt that way), two centimeters just didn't seem worth the effort. I was crampy and uncomfortable after the membrane stripping, so I called off work and headed to Red Lobster with Jeffrey, Mads, Megan and Mason. Contractions started at 8pm, and although they were irregular, they felt... productive. Something was happening. I went to bed and was awoken by a few strong contractions, but was able to go back to sleep.

Thursday, June 17th, my due date. Contractions were still irregular all through the morning. By 2pm, they were not only becoming regular, but pretty uncomfortable. I started timing at 5:22pm. Contractions ranged from two minutes to seven minutes apart, but they were getting stronger so I was almost positive that this would be it. By 7pm, I was dying. I walked, I bounced on a big ball, I swayed, I cried in the bathroom. I called my OB just to give a heads up, I wasn't coming in yet but I would be there some time tonight. I decided now was probably a good time to pack that hospital bag that I had been ignoring. I threw the necessities in a duffel and called my Father around 10pm. Daddy showed up by 10:30, after relaying a few quick instructions and using the counter to hold myself up through an almost unbearable contraction, Jeffrey and I headed to the hospital. Mom was waiting for us when we got there at 11pm. After answering a butt-load of totally off the wall questions from the RN (have you slept with a man who slept with a man since 1979?), Dr. O. came in to check my cervix. Four centimeters! Holy exciting news! Dr. O. asked if I wanted anything for pain, and I told her that I would try to wait it out a little longer. Why? Because I'm an idiot.

June 18th, 12am. Contractions hurt. I needed something to take the edge off, but I really didn't want an epidural with this birth, so I asked for Stadol. I could still feel the contractions, and they definitely still hurt, but I could see two of Jeffrey and three bathroom door-handles so I was OK. Dr. O. came back to check my cervix again. I was now at five centimeters and since my water was about to break on it's own, Dr. O. ruptured the bag. I would say this was around 12:25am. Contractions were back to back and unbearable. This Stadol isn't working! I told the RN that the contractions were way worse now, and I'd like that epidural now please, pretty pretty please. Minutes after she left the room, I had the worst contraction by far, and my body was pushing without me. I told Jeffrey to go find someone before I had this baby with just him and Mom to catch, and suddenly there were nurses all around telling me to stop pushing. I'd love to stop pushing, but that's really not an option. The RN checked me and said, "It's time to have this baby now!" No wonder the contractions hurt, I was at ten centimeters. Uhhh... panic. I'm not ready! I haven't had my epidural yet! "Can I still have my epidural?" She just smiled at me. Bad sign.

The next few minutes were a blur. Dr. O. was pulling on gloves, tables were being pushed around, bright lights and a mirror that I really didn't want to look in were all up in my face. All of this is happening between contractions, so in two minutes or less? And then the next contraction came and everyone else was ready, even if I wasn't. The whole room is yelling "Push!" so I push and holy shit... that really hurts. The head is out. Mom and Jeffrey are oohing and ahhing (look at the hair!). Someone is screaming and making strange animal sounds (it's totally me) and Dr. O. is telling me to push again. I don't want to. "I can't! Can't you just pull her out??" Apparently not. I push again and holy hell... my entire body has been split in two, but the baby is out.

12:57am. Evelynn Grace is born, seven pounds, six ounces and twenty inches long.

Welcome, Kiddo.


SHAWNY said...

Awww!!!! Congrats, another rock star baby with rock star hair.

Heather_mom_of_3 said...

Congrats! she a cutie just like her big sister!