Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cupcakes with my Cupcakes

I love fall, I look forward to it pretty much all year long. The vibrant colors, the scents, the mild, sunny days. Unfortunately, the vibrant colors are shades of gray, it smells wet and I haven't seen the sun all day. Get with the program, PA.

Since today was cold, wet and wack, it was a perfect day to stay in and bake. Mads did all the work while Ev and I supervised.

Alright, so I had to step in when it came to icing, but she did the rest, I swear!


abue said...

Madelynn is such a great little chef...you should sign her up for that show on Bravo...She did a great job under little supervision from Evelynn..., and I guess you were the clean up crew...lol

Maria said...

so sweet, i like it