Friday, November 26, 2010

The Elf on Our Shelf

Our version of Elf on a Shelf:

Every year after Thanksgiving, Santa sends an elf to watch over the children. This elf (Christopher) returns to the North Pole every night to report our good deeds to Santa. He comes back while we're sleeping, and we have to find him in the morning. Sometimes he brings small gifts or a note from Santa, sometimes he's hiding and more often than not, he gets into a little mischief! On Christmas Eve, he will make his final return to the North Pole, and then he won't be back until next year.

Christopher the elf showed up this morning!

We read his book (three times) and then he went up on the shelf to watch for the day.

I don't know if it was Christopher's eyes burning into the back of Madelynn's head or if she was just in a really good mood, but she played awesome with Evelynn all morning.

Maybe Christopher will stay on the shelf until Mads goes to bed, or maybe he'll move when she isn't looking...

Mads is pretty clueless so far. She knows there's an elf, she knows it's sitting on the shelf and she knows tomorrow is significant for some reason. I'm hoping that after a few days of finding him every morning, she'll come to look forward to it and be excited to hunt for him. Even if she doesn't, I have TONS of ideas for hiding Christopher, so I'm going to have a blast regardless!

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House of Blues said... tried elf on the shelf, and was super excited about it. However my smart a$$ four year old has already outsmarted me and this morning declared "that not a REAL elf! its just fake!" so much for that! I look foreward to seeing how it goes at your house!