Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This year, Jeffrey and I enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving at home with our girls. With the help of Google and many, many phone calls to Jeffrey's father, we successfully cooked our very first turkey. Well, technically Jeffrey cooked a turkey. I watched while he took it out of the bag, and then I had to leave the room. Raw beast is just too much for me to handle. I did baste it once though!

I made Mads a plate and told her what each thing was. She grabbed her roll (before it could touch anything else) and said, "I don't eat that." I tried to shovel a little of everything into her mouth, but she wouldn't even try it. I grabbed a hunk of turkey and said, "Do you want some chicken instead?" Mads ate at least a pound of turkey all by herself. "Good chicken, Mommy. Good chicken."

After cleaning up, everyone pretty much turned into a slug. Mads watched Scooby Doo while Jeff passed out under her.

And Ev fell asleep in her usual position.

All in all, we had good food, we didn't mess anything up too badly and no one had any meltdowns. Best Thanksgiving ever!

Happy Turkey Day.

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Abue and Pappy said...

I love how you put everything together...the turkey looks happy, the side dishes looks very good, and the after dinner time looks even better, we are glad that you are there to take the pictures and tells us the story... happy first thanksgiving to you and your family of,