Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pretty Pirates

When I tied the bandana around Madelynn's head, I hadn't even thought of playing pirate... but she did. "Arrgh, Mommy! Where's my sword?" With only one plastic sword in the house, I was forced to do battle with a paper towel tube. I laid out the rules before the duel; no hitting the baby, no throwing the sword, no aiming for Mommy's face. The rules were followed, however I endured so many pokes to the shins I now have bruises on both legs. Evelynn watched from a safe distance, using her toilet paper tube as a chew toy rather than the weapon it was supposed to be. After Madelynn's victory (plastic beats cardboard), I stuck the sword on the highest shelf I could find. What a horrible idea that bad been.

It sure made for some cute pictures though!

1 comment:

Abue said...

The girls are so cute with the bandanas...Madelynn looks like she know how to play the part and Evelynn is adorable and loves watching her sister...It looks like they enjoy each other very much...