Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It's an Evelynn post because Mads spent two and a half hours like this today:

I'm still in shock. That child hasn't napped for months. Anyway, since Mads slumbered away the whole afternoon, Ev and I had a little mother-daughter bonding time. What exactly does bonding with an eight month old entail? Well, we sat on the floor and stared at each other, occasionally passing a toy back and forth while drooling down our shirts and shitting in our pants. So, the usual except one of us was taking pictures.

Plus one squashed video because I'm a moron and I don't know how to hold a camera I enjoy filming in portrait, rather than landscape.


Ev has been trying out the hands-free mode of herself for over a week now and it makes me excited every single time. Any day now, there's going to be a step, then two. Pretty soon, we're going to have something like this:


Wow, that seems like so long ago. I think my eyes are watering.


Abue said...

Que linda... Eve is so precious... great pictures.... there is no need for talking when smiles says it all... and Mady looks so angelical...

Abue said...

Now my eyes are watering...they are so alike... two precious little girls...uhmmm....