Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Playroom Evolution

When Jeffrey and I first moved into this apartment, our spare bedroom was basically a junk room. It held boxes, a couch and love seat that we didn't use, and more often than not, piles of dirty laundry. Obviously this was a total waste of space and everyone knows when you live in an apartment, you can't really afford to waste space. We sold the couches and did the laundry, then I set out to turn the room into a playroom. However, the room is tiny, so it wasn't much starting out.

Pretty sad, huh? Adding a table and some wall art made little difference, and we never really used the space. It was a toy storage room instead of a room to play in.

I wish I had more before pictures, but as I said, we didn't use the room. You'll just have to trust me when I say that the room evolved into a very large closet filled to capacity with Madelynn's ever-growing toy collection.

The nursery was a huge room. It held a crib, changing table and dresser with a mile of floor space to spare. So one day, Kendra and I are sitting on my balcony and I'm complaining about my closet-playroom. And she says, "Why don't you just switch it with the nursery?" Oh my fucking genius. Why did this never once occur to me? Since no child actually slept in the nursery, it was a total waste to save the big room for diaper changes while piling the closet-playroom higher every holiday. Before Kendra had even shut my front door to leave, I had the dresser halfway down the hallway. So this is the closet-playroom turned nursery.

It's pretty much a perfect fit. There's plenty of space to change diapers and put the girls into pajamas after bath, and that's pretty much the whole purpose of a nursery for us.

The nursery turned playroom:

There's even a wall for Sprout the hamster in the new room. It's been a few weeks since the switch and I have to say, Kendra is the smartest person in the whole world. Yesterday evening, Jeffrey and Mads sat at the little table and colored while Ev and I sang really bad karaoke by the play kitchen. Even with our entire family in the room, there was still so much space that an elephant on a trike could have ridden through without hitting any of us. Yay for a room that you can actually play in!


Demetrius' mommy. said...

Oh my gosh it seriously looks
So great! My brother moved out
So I have an extra room I might just steal your idea!

Abue said...

OMG... it looks amazing...and I still see a little space for Abue and Pappy when they

Abue and Pappy said...

In one of the that Madelynn in a seating position? she looks so much like Eve...I now the one standing is Eve...we love the new wall paper on the blog...