Friday, April 22, 2011


My phone is a great source of frustration in our house. It's one of the girls' favorite toys and I really don't mind, evidenced by the fact that the vast majority of my apps are for children or babies. It's just unfortunate that we don't have two or three of them so no one has to fight for a turn (myself included).

Currently, there's a battle raging in the playhut. It appears that Evelynn, wise beyond her years months, has sought refuge in the tent to avoid any altercations during her turn.

Brilliant plan, until a thief sneaks in from the back.

The cunning Madelynn offers an imaginary trade. Here baby, let me distract you with this nothingness in my hand so that you may drop your guard and allow me easy access to your flashing electronic device.

The inexperienced Evelynn almost falls for it, but quickly recovers. Madelynn's next advance involves tattling, which proves fruitless. Now for a real trade, one princess lip gloss for one cell phone.

This time it works. Evelynn moves the lip gloss from hand to hand and quickly realizes that she has been bamboozled. What the hell does a baby need lip gloss for? Ev tries to trade back and finds her hands empty.

And now it gets physical.

I wish these pictures had sound. Mads is screaming, "It's my turn, Baby! Mine!" Evelynn, unable to form complete sentences just grunts and screeches in protest. It's the baby equivalent of a war cry.

Ev put up a good fight, but with the attention span of a goldfish, she just didn't have the stamina to continue. Madelynn is victorious and Evelynn can't remember what just happened.

I wish I could make a call, but it's not my turn.


Abue and Pappy said...

These are awesome pictures... they are adorable... Their great-grandparents are amazed how big they are getting...and hoping they get to meet Eve soon... They are two happy little girls... thank you for the awesome job you two are doing as parents...KUDOS for you two...Happy Easter

Michelle said...

This scene has been replayed in my household many times over! Too cute!