Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pee: 28, Poop: 0, Tic-Tacs: 83,587,921

You may have noticed in the photo bomb post that a certain someone was flashing their Blue's Clues underpants for the camera. Madelynn has been day trained and accident free for the past five days. Five days is like a lifetime when you're talking about pee-free laundry. She's still wearing a diaper at night, but the past two she has gotten up to tell me she needs to use the potty, which means she also needs to eat tic-tacs in bed.

Speaking of the tic-tacs, how long do I have to reward this chick for using the potty? Like, is she going to be 16 and asking for a new cell phone every time she takes a dump? The day I run out of tic-tacs will be the same day she pees on my pillow in retribution.

Anyway, we love the potty and we love tic-tacs bought in bulk. However, we don't love poop and poop hates the potty. In fact, poop has never even seen the inside of a potty. When I ask her why she won't poop in the potty, she says, "I just don't want to." Well shit, how do you argue with that? So to sum it up, no one is potty trained and everyone loves tic-tacs.

I'm filling the eggs for our family egg hunt with Minnie Mouse and Dora underpants. Maybe with the big bunny on my team, we can get the shit in the bowl where it belongs.

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