Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Damn the Dam

While Jeff went fishing, I took the girls to the dam. After sunblock and a quick rundown of the rules and expectations for the three year old, we headed to the beach. I had my camera strapped around my wrist and Evie G. on my hip. As we neared the water, I placed Ev on the sand and got the Nikon ready. In the 3.5 seconds it took to remove the lens cap, Evelynn had ran full force into the water and was now face down and flailing. Panic. I grabbed the straps on her little bathing suit and hauled her out of the water. She looked slightly confused but unharmed. I starting digging the sand out of her nose and realized that Madelynn was now missing. Panic. After the longest 12 seconds of my life, I spotted her back at our blanket 200 yards away retrieving her sand toys.

This is when I realized that I have too many children. Or at least too many children to take to the beach alone. We splashed around on the edge of the water for about five minutes before I declared it off-limits.

I don't have many pictures to post, because as I said, I just couldn't handle it. Too many young kids, not enough parents. Lesson learned.


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