Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cherry Popsicle

I've tried just about everything to deal with Mady's teething. She'll chew on cold washcloths, my fingers, and ONE teether of the million I have laying around the house. She's not unhappy, she just likes to chew all the time. So my brilliant idea these past couple days was to use popsicles. I take them out of their plastic and then put them in a ziploc bag, using a washcloth as a makeshift handle so my hands don't freeze off while I hold it for her. She loves it. She chews and chews and drools like a madman and it's just a very happy experience.

So today, I was watching Charmed for some reason while she happily chewed on a red popsicle. It's not like I wasn't there, she was sitting on my lap and I was holding it for her. And it's not like I wasn't paying attention to her, I was telling her what was going on with Piper and she was listening. I looked down because it felt like there was an abnormal amount of drool soaking into my pant leg and oh holy shit EVERYthing was red. Those sharp ass little teeth of hers must have punctured the ziplock bag because she was covered in red popsicle. Her clothes, her face, her legs, both arms, and a rather large sticky patch of hair were stained bright red.

I don't know how much red juice she actually swallowed, I'm assuming not much because there was about a gallon of it on my sweatpants. No more popsicles.

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