Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Keep Those Teeth in Your Mouth, Your Ass in the Bed, and Your Knees on the Floor!

Almost every time I feed Mads, I have to scream. Drinking, drinking, clamp! She's been biting me for three months now, and I have two puncture wounds on the right side that will probably never heal. I try to yank her off as soon as I notice she's not actively drinking, but once in a while, she gets a good bite in anyways. That shit hurts. The pain is about to get worse.

Mads has two beautiful new pearlies popping through her top gums. So two bottom teeth, plus two top teeth, equals what? No nipples? A nipple that's hanging on by a small thread of skin? Is it possible? I'm scared.

There's another thing that worries me about teeth. Now that Mads can pull up, she's been trying to stand with everything. I have to watch her every second. The couple times that I ventured to the kitchen for a glass of water, I've turned back just in time to see her standing, holding on to the entertainment stand or computer chair, and then bam. Always right on her face. I'm afraid she's going to knock all those new teeth out before she even gets a chance to use them.

I came home from my second part of work last night to find Mads awake. It was 9:30, way past bed time. She was in the bedroom with Jeffrey, and when I walked back there to see what all the giggling and laughing was about, I was amazed to see my baby crawling on the bed. Crawling. So when I was woken up this morning to the sounds of giggling from across the room, I was so happy that Jeffrey had put that damn bed on the floor. Mads crawled out of bed.

Today, I've been trying to get her to crawl for me in front of the camera, but it's almost like she's forgotten how to do it. Instead of propping herself on hands and knees, she stands on both feet and puts her hands down in front of her. I think she crawled by accident last night, we only hit that milestone* because she was trying to do something else. She's trying to stand.

This is just too much to deal with on a Tuesday morning.

**Does it even count as a hit milestone if she can't do it anymore? Probably not.

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Steph said...

Ugh, Im dealing with the damn teeth too, and it blows. I dont know what to do....
Glad you got your bed on the floor!!