Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Four Degree Blues

I'm sick of winter. I'm sick of ice, snow, wind, and freezing my ass off. I'm sick of scraping my car, the lack of sunshine, and the inability to wear ballet flats. I think I need a vitamin D supplement, or one of those nifty lamps that imitate sunlight. Eh.

Jeffrey's crumpled car is sitting at a garage, waiting for us to rescue it from it's twenty-dollar-a-day storage spot. When asked how much it would cost to get the car out, the dude gave Jeffrey a three hundred dollar estimate. 300 bucks for a tow? I called the company today, pretending to be some random chick with a broken down Oldsmobile (southern accent, just for fun), and got a quote of sixty dollars anywhere in town. 60 does not equal 300. What am I missing here? Do they charge a 240 dollar fee if the car's been in an accident? Seems a little steep to me. Dude-man better be prepared for this chick when I go in there tomorrow, I'll make him cry if I have to. Or I'll cry. Whatever.

Ages ago, I wrote a blog about going to work two days a week, and I was worried that I wouldn't be around to see Mads destroy her first roll of toilet paper. I didn't need to worry. While I was cleaning the bathroom today, I plopped baby on the floor with a couple blocks, and went to work on the shower. When I turned back to check on her (she was being awfully quiet), I saw my baby sitting under the toilet paper dispenser, surrounded by at least twelve feet of paper. I was too busy trying to swoop out the ginormous wad of toilet paper that was stuck to the roof of her mouth that I didn't even get a picture. I'll remember the camera next time.

Although I have no pictures of Babe wearing TP, I do have plenty of pictures taken today, and I'm starting to see a pattern with them all.

I can't get this kid to look at the camera. I try, I really do. I call her name, I blow raspberries, I whistle. All I get is the side of her face or her back.

If anyone knows how to keep a baby from standing in the bathtub, I would appreciate your secret. I keep pushing her down, but she just pops back up. What am I supposed to do, squeeze the soap out with my teeth?


Steph said...

OMG she is SO frickin cutE i CANNOT STAND IT!!! and she looks older in every pic! Such a big girl!

Anonymous said...

She is too cute!!!!!

Your letter for the Alphabet game is "L"!

Staci said...

love love love the baby legs!