Monday, July 27, 2009

Bland or Gross?

How could our day be bland or gross when it starts with a car ride like this?

It couldn't. I'll get to that silly title at the end. On Saturday, we took Madelynn to the local amusement park. After she was stamped and ringed like a class A cut of beef,

we went straight to the rides. Now Megan, she had text me that morning and said something like "Put her on the rides this time. She'll love it! Mase loved it, she'll totally love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!" So Jeffrey straps Babe into the little boat, and we stand as close as possible clapping and "yay"ing. Madelynn was petrified, literally. As in, immobile, unable to scream/move/breathe. After the third lap in the boat, my tiny statue found her senses once again and SCREAMED. I looked at the 14 year old ride operator and said "I'm gonna need that baby." He was quick, picked her up gently and whisked her right into my arms. Obviously Madelynn wasn't the first tot that he had rescued from the baby boat ride of doom.

After the terrifying boat incident, we played it safe and only put Babe on rides that Jeffrey or I could get on.

Not that she liked them any better.

Fright induced pants crapping makes a girl thirsty, so we spent quite a bit of time at the giant lion-mouth-water-fountain. She won't ride a boat, but putting her face in a lion's mouth doesn't phase her. ?

Onto games, Babe won some fabulous junk toys by picking the three best ducks in the duck game. The glasses didn't even break until I touched them!

Without even one cloud to give warning, the sky opened up to a downpour-

This was NOT a slight shower, we're talking buckets of rain here. Forced to hide in the old pony pen (which still smelled faintly of dirty pony), hide and seek was our only play option.

Which landed us the biggest smile of the day. Screw rides.

Hiding from the rain in a pavilion, Madelynn showed Pappy how much she cares.

A whole bunch. Back in the wagon, Mads chewed on every cheap toy that she had won,

and then crashed. So cute.

So my title, when I was a just a youngun' this park was called "Bland's Park," but they recently changed the name to "Delgrosso's." So Jeffrey and I were discussing the name change, and he said they changed it from Bland's because they sell spaghetti sauce. Well why would they do that, Jeffrey? "Because they don't want people to think that their sauce is bland. Duh." So now people are going to think their sauce is gross, right? "I don't get it." He's a funny, funny guy.

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cecilia said...

Thanks for making my tuesday beautiful...The pictures are great and the story at the end makes laugh aloud...The dog look at me with a puzzle face...ha, ha, ha.