Sunday, January 31, 2010

By the Way

The new kid is supposedly female... :)

She's My Sunshine

Can you tell?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Other One

If I thought the new kid hated me before, I should have waited to see what else would be thrown at me. Although the constant vomiting has subsided (I can actually brush my tongue now, woot!), constant heartburn has set in early. I've been eating Tums like candy and will probably OD on vitamin C* before 20 weeks. I pee a little every time I sneeze, cough or giggle, which is super sexy when you really think about it. I feel like I'm the fattest pregnant person of all pregnant people, and if my body continues to change at this rate, I may weigh over 200lbs by June. 5'2, 200lbs with no bladder control and an acid coated esophagus. Hot.

18 weeks. My anatomy scan is scheduled for the 28th. I'm hoping for team pink, but at this point it could be a dung beetle for all I care, as long as it vacates apartment Aimee by week 40. Not a day longer or I'm pulling it out myself.

*I meant calcium! I realized my error after I went to bed, and almost couldn't sleep. Apparently the loss of a significant amount of brain function is also a pregnancy symptom...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Making Drab Look Fab

There's only like, 80-some days until Spring!

For Uncle Josh

Since Uncle Josh wasn't able to spend Christmas with us, I promised to share the video of Mads opening his gift:

Madelynn sure loves the repetitive screeching of Pooh as he tells her over and over and over and over again that Piglet is under the heart key. She also loves the fact that there is no volume control, off switch or any possible way on the planet to turn off a song once it has started. As for me... well I alternate between longing to shove a salad fork through my eardrums, and fantasizing about the day when I am able to buy your kiddos Christmas presents. I will show you no mercy. Thanks, Josh and Jen! :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby Cool

There's just something about a toddler in aviators that makes my heart sing. :)

The Brown Mile

Cheap entertainment is by far our favorite kind.

I Think You Dropped Some

So that's why they make highchairs.

Two Max

You know that phrase, "Too many cooks in the kitchen?" I know where they got that.

I was cutting the pear FIRST! Madewinn stole my knife! NO, NO, NO, Madewinn. I don't WANT anymore tea! No, Mya! No, Madewinn! Gabey! Gabey!

On Sunday, I babysat Gabe and Mya for the day. Aside from the constant "I was playing with that first!" and Madelynn's refusal to do anything nap related, everyone did a fantastic job. They're really great kids. Mya did have a short episode (full blown kicking, screaming, rubber legs tantrum) when I tried to wash her hands after peeing. I guess I could have just let her go to avoid it all, but something told me that girl's hands just weren't the cleanest...

It was a fabulous day and everyone had fun. I may stop procreating after this next one though.


Madelynn puts her finger up to her lips and says, "Shh... quiet." She's very serious, and if your voice reaches a decibel that is unacceptable to her, she's likely to smack you in the head. Why are we being so quiet? Well, her pig is sleeping of course:

While her piggy snoozes, Mads steals a sip from his tiny cup:

Then snuggles in for the nap:

It's been a while since Babe slept in this little basket:

Time sure does fly.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Unsolved Mystery

Madelynn's collection of baby dolls grew quite a bit with Christmas. Anyone who walks into this apartment would be sure to notice, as they are always strewn all over the place. By New Years, I had noticed a trend among these plastic babes:

Where are their clothes? They came with clothes, full outfits even. Apparently Madelynn has deemed all clothing inappropriate for her baby dolls, and not only did she undress them, but she also hid their clothes to keep her Momma from redressing them. I can't find any of their clothes, and it's not for lack of trying. I'm actually quite proud of the fact that I keep Madelynn's toys very organized, all pieces together, wood with wood... I'm very anal about it. That's why I kept dressing her babies, I didn't want the clothes to get lost. But I have failed, they are gone.

At first I thought all this naked was kind of strange, I mean what kind of child goes to those kind of lengths to keep her baby's lack of privates exposed? But then I thought, when you compare this to the toy box of my seven year old self, filled to capacity with headless, nude barbies, this nakey newborn phenomenon is actually pretty tame.

I'm still hunting those clothes though.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Just Don't Wanna

This post is all about avoidance. What am I desperately trying to avoid? The Christmas post. I'm sure you have seen this movie:

That's what Christmas was like for me. I woke up for three weeks straight and it was still Christmas, I swear it never ended. I need to get my thoughts and pictures together before I can commit to writing that post. There are high and low points that I don't want to forget; broken chairs, penis pencil topper shoved in my ear, something with wrapping paper maybe... I don't know. I'll get to it.

Until then, here's some kitty love:

Fabulous, shiny hair times two:

Ring viewing:

Super hugs:

And super cheeses:

And finally, peek-a-boo and a small chunk of cat hair: